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In the late 80s, when Karaoke started to spread around Ottawa, Virtronics Disc Jockey Service decided to get into the Karaoke business. Because Karaoke was relatively unknown, we named the business A-Sharp Singalong Karaoke with the "Singalong" included to give an idea of what Karaoke means. Since "Karaoke" is now so much better known, we have dropped the "Singalong" from the name.


We started just doing a few Karaoke shows in a few bars or restaurants. In order to get a better price on Karaoke equipment and discs we found wholesale sources and started selling Karaoke products to the public. Due to requests to rent Karaoke systems for home parties, we expanded into that part of the business. Since we are equipped to repair our own Karaoke equipment, we have also extended that service to our customers.

When the City of Ottawa brought in the "anti-smoking bylaw" we sold a fair number of home Karaoke systems but our weekly bar shows dropped from 25 or 30 to about 5. And they said it wouldn't hurt business. The illegal downloading of Karaoke songs from the internet hasn't helped the business either.

The development of this site is aimed at compensating for the above problems.

Our years of experience enables us to give accurate advice as to what equipment is best for different applications and what equipment will last the longest. We aren't the biggest or necessarily the cheapest but we will give you honest, knowlegable information and will sell you the best quality for your application. We can also back up our products with technical service, if needed.  


If you like Karaoke you could be interested in two sites.

1.  The Karaoke scene magazine is very informative about many things to do with Karaoke. Their emphasis is based on California but there is lots of general information on Karaoke. You can also submit your own singing to their site. Take a look at www.karaokescene.com .

2.   The Ottawa Karaoke Bars listings at   www.ottawa-karaoke-bars.ca      I am just starting to develop this site so if you want to add listings feel free to contact me at virtronics@yahoo.ca with the information. But if there are changes, please let me know when they occur so that I can keep the listings up to date.

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